Durham NC Bulk Mailing

Bulk mail is broadly referred to as mail that is processed and mailed at low rates. Sometimes the term is used as a synonym for direct mail, which is an informal method of marketing communication that does not involve the use of stamps. Direct mail services usually offer package delivery along with a mailing list that can be used for the purpose. Other types of services available are envelope stuffing or wrapping as well as return address labels.

Mail Document Pricing

A lot depends on the size of a piece of writing or document. The length of the promotional piece and the number of pieces required will determine the weight that must be used. For instance, if it is a lengthy advertisement such as a flyer, letterhead or business card, the weight of each individual unit can exceed twenty pounds. Although the weight does not have a direct bearing on the value of the piece, it affects the rate at which the piece is processed by the service. Some services offer rate lists and other services may use a sliding scale to determine the weight. For instance, some services that offer bulk mailing use a standard rate based on the weight of the material being sent while some use a variable weight system.

Mail Services

Most companies that offer this service will use embossed or laser etched surfaces for custom stamping purposes. The stamps produced will have the name and company logo of the client. The stamp is generally applied with a special kit that provides the operator with the proper equipment necessary to apply the ink. The coating is usually a high-quality polyester or rubber that is applied to the front or reverse side of the piece. If the piece has a glossy finish, the coating will stand out from a plain, matte piece.

Why Choose a Bulk Mail Company?

Many businesses use bulk mailing services, such as direct mail Durham NC, in order to save money. The method saves them the cost of purchasing several boxes of envelopes that must then be returned to their offices. Instead, they can purchase one box for only a few pounds or several pieces for much less than it would cost to ship each piece individually. They are also able to customize their pieces according to their taste. This is advantageous to companies that want to customize or personalize a certain percentage of their pieces.